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Why Playdate Me?

Playdate Me is the unique leading online site for teens to connect with friends, play games, create and have fun. Members can upload photos and videos, and can easily share them with friends, “like” them, and comment on them. They can join groups based on interests, and play over 400 games!

Specially Designed for Teens

This is a teen's world! The way adults correspond, communicate, and post information is very different than children. We want them to be pleased acting as children while becoming comfortable with social tools and be able to share content freely without ridicule. Playdate Me! allows them to use technologies that are similar to those being used by their older siblings and parents.

Age Appropriate Content

The way children consume media deeply affects their emotional and social development. Moreover, it is almost impossible for parents to be gatekeepers and to prevent their children from seeing content they found unacceptable, whether because of violence, language, nudity, or cultural sensitivities. It also means, despite the best ‘age-appropriate’ controls, it’s easier for a youngster to involuntarily stumble on a website not meant for them.

While Playdate Me! seems to offer many similar features provided by major social networks, it’s distinguished by the strong safety features designed especially to protect young users from questionable content and allay parental concerns, while not preventing them from participating in what has become a major facet of young people's lives.

Safe and responsible

Playdate Me's mission is to give kids under 14 a fully protected space where they can connect with friends, send messages, play games, and learn. The site satisfies kids' growing desire to participate socially online but in a safe, secure and age-appropriate environment that addresses a parent’s concern that “kids be kids as long and as much as possible.”

Safety is the top priority and Playdate Me employs the most comprehensive privacy protection to guard young users against bullying, bad language and inappropriate sharing of information. Playdate Me’s model is COPPA-compliant — meaning it meets all of the rules set out by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. It also includes a patent-pending Privacy Panel that makes sure members’ privacy is protected and that parents have the ability to monitor their children’s activities online.

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