About us
Sensitized early on to the issues relating to the dangers of the Internet initially intended for adults, we became aware that it was often not adapted to the needs of children when viewing videos, playing online games, or using search engines.

Two years ago, we decided to go ahead with an ambitious project! We launched the challenge to create a fun and secured community that enabled children to express themselves, play, share with others, and participate in the digital world while developing responsible and creative practices.

Playdate Me is the leading online site for teens to connect with friends, discover new talents, play games, have fun and create. Playdate Me's unique technology allows members to join groups by interest, and its breadth of content supports development of core skills including creativity, collaboration and communication. This new social network aims to be a Facebook alternative for children between the ages of 9 and 14 and features 30 creative applications, including games, music, videos, blogs, photos, and forums. No other social platform on the market today offers as many real-time communications, content-sharing, and collaboration features designed specifically for teens.

Teens want fun while parents want safety online, and Playdate Me delivers both. Safety is the top priority and Playdate Me employs comprehensive privacy protection and live monitoring technology to guard young users against inappropriate sharing of information, bad language, and bullying. Playdate Me train kids to be responsible digital citizens.

Playdate Me is compatible with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), which prohibits websites from collecting information from children under 13 without parental approval. Playdate Me requires verified parental permission to join. Parents can also select which of their child's actions on the site they would like to be notified about, and have the option to restrict features.

Online security is our priority. Each activity on the platform is controlled by the Playdate Me team who will take the necessary measures to avoid any inappropriate content or behavior.
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